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KSB Fire Fighting Pumps

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Packaged Fire Service Pumps

Simplify your protection system. KSB Indonesia proven field exp

erience provides you with a truly integrated custom built package that is as individual as your system demands.
KSB Indonesia Packaged Fire Service Pumps offer you:

  • Pump, driver and fully automatic controller mounted on a common base
  • Optional suction and discharge manifolds
  • Complete equipment compatibility
  • Economical installation
  • Better space utilization within Pump-House
  • Single Source supply service and warranty
  • Accurate predetermined cost
  • Equipment delivered to site in consolidated shipment
  • Simplified field installation and handling
  • No need for interconnecting wiring
  • No need for separate mounting of control panel
  • Factory wiring and testing
  • Factory piped fuel system


KSB Indonesia fully tests every fire pump complete with drivers, controllers and accessories to guarantee total integrity and ensure the fire pump package arrives on site ready for trouble-free operation.

Our pump test specs:

  • Max Capacity: < 5000 USGPM
  • Max Power: < 300kW
  • Design pumps type: horizontal, vertical, submesible / deep well pumps
  • Accessories: flow meter, automatic pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, portable flow meter…

Additional testing available to the requirements of local fire authorities, or according to client request.