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Lowara GS Series

SenSorpreSS BooSter SyStemS with new controller Sm30

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The GS range of fixed speed booster setsincludes models with 2 to 3 electric service pumps, and an additional
jockey pump able to adapt to specific requirements within different applications.

The start and stop of the pumps is based on the pressure values set on a pressure transducer, in order to deliver the water required. One pressure transducer is connected on the delivery side of the set. A second one is connected but only as a reserve device. With the cyclic changeover function, duty assignment is rotated to ensure both pumps remain active and with even running hours, so wear is uniform and the use factor is reduced for longer pump life.

This system also ensures continuity of operation, in case one of the pumps needs maintenance. The electric pumps used in the GSD range are FHE and SHE series and SV series vertical multistage pumps.Pumps are controlled by an electric control panel with a new electronic card with display on the front door. The electronic card and panel can also be used for waste water applications with up to 3 pumps installed.


Booster sets with FH and SH series end suction pump with the following performance:
Maximum operating pressure: Configuration of the electronic card
and its functionality can happen in the following ways:
Power General fault Low/high level Pump 1 run Pump 2 run Pump 3 run
Max flow: up to 300 m3/h Head: up to 160 m
Max flow: up to 540 m3/h Head: up to 160 m
16 bar
by panel with function key
by RS 485 setting modbus register