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With its wide range of 4” to 12” borehole pumps, Lowara offers advanced water supply solutions for residential, municipal, irrigation and industrial applications. Water is the most common element found on
our planet, and Lowara shares a leading position worldwide within Xylem, for the design and production of pumps and pumping systems.

For over 30 years the Lowara name has been synonymous with innovation and quality, reliability and faultless service in connection with all the challenges related to water handling.

From the company’s headquarters in Montecchio Maggiore in the province of Vicenza, Italy, through a widespread network of offices and distributors, the Lowara products reach customers all over the world and are used in the most specific applications, because we combine high quality and technology with superior knowledge and customer service.


  • GS SERIES for 4” wells
  • SCUBA SERIES for 5” wells
  • Z6 SERIES (AISI 304) and ZN6 SERIES
  • (AISI 316) for 6” wells
  • Z8 SERIES (AISI 304) and ZR8 SERIES
  • (DUPLEX) for 8” wells
  • Z10-Z12 SERIES (AISI 304) and ZR10-