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46-series (ondergedompeld)

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Engineered for flexibility, versatility and lean installation, these space-saving mixers offer highly efficient solutions for any tank shape and size.
our compact mixers easily blend highly contaminated fluids high-density or high-viscosity liquids, and liquids with fibrous material. Few components, low capital investment and straightforward service routines make Flygt compact mixers the economical choice for a broad range of mixing applications, like:

  • Activated sludge treatment such as conventional ASP or sequencing batch reactor
  • Sludge holding tanks n Equalization tanks
  • Pump station mixing n Grit chamber mixing n chlorination basins
  • Paper pulp chests
  • Quenching tanks


  • Rated motor power range of 7.5 – 11.2 kW and thrust range of 800 – 3100 N
  • Propeller diameter of 0.580 m (22.8 in)
  • Compact, robust direct-drive motor
  • Active Seal™ for zero leakage
  • Non-clogging, fiber-handling hydraulics
  • Low-cost installation